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How To Fix Cracked Wood

Cracked wood can be an eyesore, but it doesn't have to be permanent. Whether you're dealing with furniture, flooring, or a deck, there are steps you can take to fix cracked wood and restore it to its former glory. Here are some tips on how to fix cracked wood.

1. Assess the Damage
The first step is to assess the extent of the damage. If the crack is particularly long, deep, or wide, you may need to replace it altogether. Otherwise, there are a few different ways you can repair the crack.

2. Fill the Crack
One way to fix the crack is to fill it with wood filler. You can buy wood filler at most hardware stores. Be sure to use a filler that is compatible with the type of wood you're working with. Before you apply the filler, make sure the crack is completely clean and free of dust and debris. Apply the filler with a putty knife, and make sure to smooth it out. Once it's dry, sand it down so it's even with the surface of the wood.

3. Glue the Crack
Another option is to glue the crack. This is a good option if the crack is relatively small. Start by cleaning the crack with a damp cloth. Then, apply a wood glue to the crack and use a clamp to keep the crack closed while the glue dries. Once the glue is dry, sand down the edges of the crack so they are even with the surface of the wood.

4. Cover the Crack
If you don't want to fill or glue the crack, you can cover it up with a patch. Start by cutting a piece of wood to fit over the crack. Then, apply wood glue to the patch and the crack, and press the patch firmly into place. Use clamps to keep the patch in place while the glue dries. Once the glue is dry, sand the patch down so it's even with the surface of the wood.

5. Finish with a Sealant
Once you've filled, glued, or covered the crack, you should finish with a sealant. This will help protect the wood from future damage. Be sure to use a sealant that is compatible with the type of wood you're working with. Apply the sealant with a brush or spray and let it dry before using the wood.

Fixing cracked wood isn't always easy, but it is possible. With a few simple tools and some patience, you can repair the crack and restore your wood to its former glory. Good luck!

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